Best practices: keywords in alt attributes

October 22, 2009


Topics: Accessibility.

This is certainly a subject that I’ve covered before — in fact, it’s something I would hardly choose to cover yet again if it didn’t continue cropping up as an important issue. The use of text in alt attributes is an extremely sensitive subject. Today, the good folks at SEOmoz published an extensive article documenting their statistical findings on web site ranking factors, as gathered from the data in their LinkScape analysis tool. It’s a good article, and demonstrates some […]

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Basic Tips on Image Handling for the Web: Tutorial

September 27, 2007


Topics: Web Development.

This is a basic guide to dealing with images on the web — file formats, sizing, naming protocols, and adding them to a page. File Formats File Naming Coding for Images Editing and Sizing Choosing the Right File Format There are three common image file formats in use on the web: JPEG (also JPG), GIF and PNG. Respectively, these stand for Joint Photographic Experts Group, Graphics Interchange Format, and Portable Network Graphic. The most simple and important way to divide […]

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Search Optimization, Accessibility, and Images: Best Practices

September 25, 2007


Topics: Accessibility.

One common suggestion concerning the search optimization of images is to use the alt attribute to place keywords relevant to the image contents. I really loathe this. If it was an amazing, perfect, incredible search optimization technique which would bring absolutely fantastic traffic I still wouldn’t recommend the technique. Appropriate alt attributes are one of the most critical areas for the user experience of screen reader users — using them inappropriately is a great way to give this section of […]

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Easy PHP Photo Gallery

March 19, 2007


Topics: Accessibility.

Updated 2/6/2010 — Read more below! There are a lot of PHP photo gallery scripts out there. I know; because I went looking for one some time ago, and found myself barraged with Javascript, AJAX, and complicated installations. I didn’t want any of those things, so in the end I just wrote one for myself — and this is the end result. Download the ZIP package. It’s not a complicated script, and it doesn’t do a whole lot for you: […]

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