What makes SEO worthwhile? It’s the need for attention — your website or your job, either way, learning the principles of SEO can give you a boost. A website serves minimal purpose without the attention of potential customers. If you are a website owner, learning the principles of SEO will help you design your site to make it as easy as possible for these potential customers to find you. It will ensure that the right interest groups will locate their needs at your business. If you are a designer, or an employee whose duties include web maintenance or design, these principles will help you increase your value to employers or potential employers.

The heart of SEO principles is a very simple, straightforward concept — high quality content and inbound links. But there are catches! Not all content is created equal — the way your content is created within the page is critical. No matter how well written your marketing text is, if it is not coded to standards, or worse — represented as an image, it may not accomplish your needs.

No matter your personal expertise or business, a firm grip on how to create good web content can be invaluable. And web content is not merely a matter of learning how to write.

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