Ask has taken one big step in rebranding by ditching the "Jeeves" moniker, but now they’re taking a second step by saying sayonara to the "Teoma" brand as well.

It looks like Ask is looking to centralize their branding – what was Teoma will now be forwarded to an Ask branded site, and the team, according to Loren Baker of Search Engine Journal, will be known as the "Ask Search Technology Team". Not exactly awe-inspiring, I have to admit. The Teoma search technology is also to receive a new brand – as ExpertRank. They’re clearly taking a page from Google’s naming style, although with a significant difference in semantics.

I have mixed feelings about this rebranding process. is a pretty good name for a search engine – it’s simple and to the point. On the other hand, I feel like the company is sacrificing a lot of character to "re-bland" their properties under this name.

Simple or interesting? Tough question, sometimes. But, as much as Ask Jeeves has been a while known name, I can’t say that the interest factor has caused it to be a particularly successful search tool. Perhaps boring will win the day, after all.