I’m no graphic designer – my pure graphic design skills are rudimentary, at best. However, I’ve got the habit of reading at least one graphic design blog, because he frequently has great advice. I started reading the blog hoping for graphic design tips – but Kevin Potts’ "graphicPush" has given me much better advice than that.

Today, he wrote up an extensive post on Promoting Yourself for Free – which certainly strikes close to the heart. With any search engine marketing prospect, one of the big targets is minimizing your advertising budget. Kevin applies this primarily to his own business, but many of his ideas can and should be applied to any business.

He’s also coined this handy little buzzword – "Active Industry Positioning" – which I feel neatly describes the methods at hand. Self-promotion is always about keeping your name alive in and out of the community. His post is well worth reading – and I’m looking forward to part 2.