Google Sitemaps were a great idea when they launched. Then, they added some great new features. The new keyword analysis tools were a nice addition!
Now, they’ve announced more new features for the Sitemaps tool.

Included in these features are some very interesting query stats – they’ll now show you the top position your site has achieved for the specific query terms that turned up your site. No longer a simple list of terms in a referral log – you can actually see the specific rank you have for all of these terms. Not only that, they will even separate out the terms searched for from the terms clicked on.

For a low traffic site, of course, this doesn’t help much. But for a high traffic site you can really pin down what your top keywords and clicks are through Google.

The other new tool is a listing of the top search queries from mobile devices, although this doesn’t yet support the same "top clicks" information you get from the traditional search analysis.

Finally, they’ve also provided the ability to download information from your Sitemaps account as a comma separated value file – openable in any spreadsheet program. This is a great way to easily share statistics with clients without requiring them to create their own Sitemaps account!