Apologies to Quizlaw.com

May 29, 2006

Topics: Search Marketing.

Just wanted to make it clear that in my previous post I did not intend to accuse Quizlaw.com of not being a legitimate site – although I do certainly realize that my comments read that way.

The point I was trying to draw is that a flood of advertising on a page with minimal content for high value terms create an impression of value much like that of spam pages. The results of what I knew full well to be a search results page was an unwise choice of sample.

All apologies if anybody at Quizlaw took offense.

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2 Comments on “Apologies to Quizlaw.com”

  1. I’m glad I didn’t cause any real offense – nonetheless, my statement was, as you say, ambiguous.

    The original problem is an important issue – for searchers, businesses, and the future of internet advertising.


  2. No offense was taken – the point of our comment was just to clarify any ambiguity in your original article. But the apology is appreciated anyway. And, for the record, we agree with the original subject matter and are equally dismayed by the increasing amount of worthless ad-based sites.