Blog has been changed over to WordPress!

June 17, 2006

Topics: News.

Hello! This is just an announcement that Joe Dolson’s accessible design blog has changed platforms from Blogger to WordPress. All existing links to pages in the blog should continue to work, and I’m hoping to make certain everything is clean and dandy as I move forward. Today, all posts and comments were migrated over – there’s still a fair amount of clean up to be done, but the big steps went OK.

However, I do need to mention the whole blog feed issue – if you’ve been subscribing through Feedburner, you’re fine. Nothing will change, all is wonderful with the world. If you’re subscribed to the direct atom feed at, that feed is going the way of the dodo. I suggest you switch to the feedburner version for the sake of future consistency at


3 Comments on “Blog has been changed over to WordPress!”

  1. Thanks, Bill – It’s not quite done yet, but I’m making progress.

    Of course, I won’t really know whether it’s “done” until after I’ve been smacked around a bit by broken links, I suspect…

    But I think I’ve prepared well for all of those…now I have to decide whether to do the same thing for interdigital…

  2. Nice.

    It looks good, Joe. I hope that the switch wasn’t as much work as I imagine it was.

  3. Hi, this is Joe. I’m testing my new comment form.