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Your Accessibility Toolbar Doesn’t Help

March 19, 2019

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Mr. Borghi said that he was happy to make his gallery‚Äôs website accessible and that he was able to do it with a free widget from WordPress, which added narration, larger fonts and keyboard navigation. But he said he was not sure if that made him fully compliant; the lawsuit against his gallery is still pending., 2/18/2019 Mr. Borghi is not certain whether adding this unidentified WordPress plug-in made him fully compliant – but I can readily suggest an […]

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Taking over

April 25, 2013


Topics: Accessibility, News, Web standards.

Mike Cherim and Jonathan Fenocchi, creators of the GrayBit service for showing a site design converted into grayscale, needed to move on. The time and expense of maintaining GrayBit was too much – and since Mike Cherim has moved out of the web development and accessibility world, it was necessary to make some changes. They recently shut down, not having received any word that anybody wanted to take the site over. I was too late to save the domain, […]

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United States disability statistics: Measurement and sources.

December 5, 2009


Topics: Accessibility, News.

On Wednesday of last week, I published an article on disability statistics in Practical eCommerce magazine. Although there’s nothing particularly wrong with the article, I find myself wanting to publish a follow up article with more detail on the statistics. Statistics are complicated beasts, and I feel that detailed explication of sources and statistical problems is well worth while. First, sources: Americans with Disabilities: 2005 The primary source for statistics in the Practical eCommerce article was a report called Americans […]

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WP to Twitter update: to be shut down

October 9, 2009


Topics: News, WordPress.

Continuing updates: gets a temporary stay of execution. Keep watching for further news — I may end up making these changes after all, but for now I’ll wait and see. The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) shortening service is due to be closed down on Sunday, October 25th. At this time, the service will stop accepting new short URLs and generating statistics, but will continue to forward visitors at least through the end of November. What does this mean […]

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New Column at Practical eCommerce: Checkout Process

August 11, 2009


Topics: Accessibility, News.

Somehow, I’m never fully satisfied when I’m posting notification about a new column elsewhere and see that my last post was also a notification about a column elsewhere. It becomes clearly evident to me that my posting frequently here at Accessible Web Design has gone down a bit. Granted, I was on vacation for a big chunk of the last four weeks, so we’ll call that an excuse. The new column is Accessibility and the Checkout Process, summarizing a few […]

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