Vacation in Europe

August 5, 2006

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When last I posted, I mentioned that I’d be mentioning something about my vacation in Europe. Well, that time has come! I’ve posted a small photo gallery of selected photos from the trip for your enjoyment, accompanied by some brief commentary which may give you a small sense for where we went.

As to the travels themselves, all I can say is that they were wonderful and exhausting. Hopefully, the pictures will speak for me. There’s nothing like four weeks of intensive traveling to make you really relish the thought of staying at home for a while!


6 Comments on “Vacation in Europe”

  1. Thanks, David!

    Although I didn’t take all of those pictures – it’s a mix of pictures by me and those by my girlfriend.

    Traveling is always difficult – and do you go back to someplace you’ve loved, or try something new? I can never decide…

  2. Terrific photos, Joe. You have an eye for photography as well as website design. I have been to Venice and to Ireland, and your photos have me checking my calendar to see when I might return for a visit.

    Traveling is hard work, as you noted, but most enjoyable. It is always nice to be home, though, isn’t it?

  3. No argument there – that’s one of the best things about the forum, and which I haven’t always found in a forum community.

  4. One thing I noted about Cre8asite is the community seems, for lack of a better term, more mature. The welcoming comittee was great 🙂

  5. I’m glad you enjoyed them! Someone told me that you’d joined due to my direction – and I’m glad you’re enjoying Cre8asite as well. I’ve found it to be a really pleasant web community.

    Hope to get out your way sometime – just landed in Saint Paul, MN for the time being, but I do get out East occasionally!

  6. It’s over already?! I am bummed for you. Great shots. You captured it nicely. The Venice shots were especially warming.

    Thanks for pointing me to Cre8asite, by the way. I really enjoy that forum. And if you ever make it to this side, coffee down the street it is. 🙂