I Bought a UPS

October 16, 2006

Topics: Personal.

That is, an Uninterruptible Power Supply. Why? Well, on Saturday I had a bit of a power failure: in the middle of working on a project. I didn’t lose much…but I did lose some project work. Frustrating experience…

So, now I have my own little battery backup: 45 minutes of continuous power. That should give me plenty of time to save my work and shut down! Comes complete with handy-dandy auto shutoff software (which I have not yet installed).

Its just one of those things which I’ve considered doing for ages – being self-employed, I’m in that position where my livelihood depends on having my equipment continue to work, my back-ups be consistent, and that I not lose work to emergencies. This was pretty minor; but I have to be conscious of the greater potential. I’m lucky that my little reminder came with a loss of only an hour of pretty routine processes – rather than while I was in the middle of trying to solve some kind of tricky, unusual problem!

2 Comments on “I Bought a UPS”

  1. Theoretically, where I live should be pretty stable…but you never know when something might go wrong.

    I got an APC BE500R. So far so good!

  2. I won’t run a computer without one. Too many outages out here where I live — in the sticks. I just bought one last week myself. I got an APC 1200 RS. Love it.