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October 9, 2006

Topics: Accessibility, News.

I was invited a couple weeks ago to redesign and contribute to Accessibility Blog, Matt Bailey’s blog on accessibility awareness and marketing. Today, I posted a brief article addressing the accessibility of college and university websites.

Read and enjoy!

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  1. Because I didn’t feel it contributed to the discussion. No offense, but you really didn’t say anything! I’m not fond of comments which don’t really provide any meaningful dialogue.

    Bluntly, if somebody comes by a year-old post and drops a comments which says (and I quote) “interesting information. I like it. You have a talent as a journalist,” I’m inclined to doubt the faithfulness of the comment.

    Had that comment been left on a post which actually contained any kind of journalistic content, or had it in any way indicated any real correlation to any article on the site, I probably would have left it. Instead, frankly, it looked very much like automated spam.

    Clearly, since you’ve revisited, it’s not automated spam, and I apologize for the assumption — but when you receive hundreds of spam attacks per day, you tend to assume the worst.

    I hope you’ll accept my apology for removing your comment — and I hope you’ll come back and contribute again later.


  2. Why did you delete my previous post?

  3. Nice article. I placed a comment over there.