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November 7, 2006

Topics: Search Marketing.

A new service using data from Alexa, Competitious provides an interface for managing your information resources about the competition. It sounds like a pretty exciting possibility for search marketing: organize your resources and keep a close tab on the services, popularity, traffic rank, and buzz surrounding your fiercest competition.

Although it is, essentially, a fairly simple interface for tracking competitive information which is easily available, the ability to push all that information together is certainly a worthwhile service. From a consultant’s perspective, it’s worthwhile because you can create multiple projects to track: keep your eyes on each client’s area at a glance.

Naturally, my first thought is about adding more features: for example, tracking ranking reports using your selected keyword list and checking against your competitors’ ranking. I know, I know…ranking reports are practically worthless. However, knowing how your own search performance holds up against your competitors’ is still valuable: and this would be a relatively easily automated tracking tool.

It’s interesting: I know perfectly well that Alexa data is practically worthless by itself. However, between a set of sites all in the same market (say…competitors), the relative performance data may still convey some usable information. It’s not the numbers you need to look at: it’s the relationships.

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4 Comments on “ Manage your Competition”

  1. Thanks, Andrew! I’m not surprised to hear that you’ve got great plans: your service has a lot of valuable potential. Look forward to checking in again later!

  2. Hi Joe,

    Thank you for the post! We have a lot more planned for the service, so you can expect to see a lot of features being rolled out in the coming months. Right now the service is very early stage, but we’re developing tools to address all aspects of an organization’s market and competitive information. It’s interesting that you mention the consultant’s perspective, because we’ll be targeting the services for that area as well.

    Best Regards,
    Co-Founder – Competitious

  3. That pretty much sums it up: it’s a great idea, needs more features. It’s not bad: since you can define your own feature set for making feature comparison, that element is fairly flexible. But there’s so much more that it could do!

  4. Thanks for finding that, Joe. It was certainly worth a look and it’s a great name and a nice interface. However like you, I think it needs a lot more in the box before it attracts a big following. Pity, it would have been great. 🙁