Long time, no write…and SES Chicago

November 28, 2006

Topics: Personal.

So, what with the holidays, moving, and all those wonderful things one gets up to sometimes, I’ve had very little time for writing.

And there are a few other things I fell down on, too…

For example, next week I’m going to be at SES Chicago. I managed to get my plane ticket squeaked in there…but didn’t get around to calling the hotel until last night — and there aren’t any more rooms.


So…anybody need a roommate? Or know of a good, reasonably close alternative hotel?


Thankfully, Kayak.com came to my rescue: I won’t be AT the Hilton, but I’ll be just down the street: I think I can manage 3 tenths of a mile walk!

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3 Comments on “Long time, no write…and SES Chicago”

  1. Have you tried the travel search engine Trabber? is a quite useful web2.0 application. Here is the address: >

  2. Wish you were going to be there, too – but I’ll definitely drop Kim a line! Look forward to finally meeting her!

  3. Now I’m starting to wish that I was attending.

    Kim will be there, so you should definitely look for her. You might want to send her a PM, and see if you can meet up with her. I’m sure that she would be happy to see you.

    Hope you have a great time.