Site Redesign

November 6, 2006

Topics: News.

So, I’ve been hard at work since Saturday getting this site redesigned. It’s not exactly a 100% new look: the fundamental structure is basically the same. Two columns, navigation on the right, etc. No huge changes from that perspective. But I’ve moved the site search to be more prominent (and repaired the search for the main site, which wasn’t really working right, as it turns out…I hadn’t known!)

At any rate, it’s still a work in progress – so I’m happy to hear any comments about anything broken, damaged, inaccessible, etc. I’m not claiming it’s perfect; but I’m hoping it’s better!

4 Comments on “Site Redesign”

  1. That’s really funny…I can just imagine! It would be pretty startling…


  2. This all changed when I submitted a comment yesterday, freaked me out slightly 🙂

    I like the new look!

  3. Should be, you’re right. (Why, oh why don’t they make that editable in admin?)


  4. Looking good, Joe! 🙂

    I just noticed you allow <strike>… shouldn’t that be <del>?