One phrase which was repeatedly emphasized during the first couple of days at SES Chicago was “If you have questions about duplicate content, Adam Lasnik is speaking at a session dedicated entirely to that discussion.” This frequently came at the beginning of Q & A sessions following a series of speakers who talked about any aspect of search indexing. Just a hunch, but I suspect the intent was to reduce the number of people asking questions about duplicate content during sessions on other subjects.

Personally, I didn’t go to the duplicate content session. Hopefully this repeated statement did actually cause numerous question-asking individuals to attend that session. It certainly didn’t prevent people from asking about duplicate content in other sessions, however.

Regardless, if you feel like you missed out on learning about duplicate content, have no fear. Adam has just published his thoughts about duplicate content at the Google Webmaster Central blog. I’m going to guess that people who attended SES will have learned more than he’s gone through in this post. Still, the post is definitely a good summary of duplicate content issues and what to do about them. (At least as far as Google’s concerned.)