I’m an uncle!

April 8, 2007

Topics: Personal.

My brand-new niece, Ramona Nina:

Congratulations to my sister and her husband!

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8 Comments on “I’m an uncle!”

  1. Well, any luck and you WON’T be a grandmother too soon…

    Thanks, Kim!

  2. So cute! ….must resist urge to want more babies….:)
    Such torture.

    Congrats to all, esp. Uncle Joe. Birthdays are so fun with little kids.

  3. lol, yeah in a few weeks I will also be an uncle twice over…

  4. Congratulations to your sister and her husband, Joe. Tell them the years will fly by and to take advantage of each day as it comes – they are all precious.

  5. Congratulations Uncle Joe! 🙂

    And tell your sis and brother-in-law happy-happy, joy-joy from Mike from New Hampshire.

  6. The baby is in Boston!!! Yikes. Not at all my scene. You can keep the tea. 🙂

  7. Not so hot…but maybe next time you’re diving for tea in Boston you can stop by my sister’s house and pitch in! 😉

  8. Congratulations “Unc”. What are your babysitting skills like? 🙂