Quietly released on the Saturday before Christmas, (what, are they trying to hide this news?) Google announced that their latest Toolbar release supports the Windows Accessibility API (Application Programming Interface).

This is (obviously) a Windows-specific release, and even further, it’s just an Internet Explorer release. However, it’s definitely a step in the right direction! I was particularly glad to see the comment:

Version 5 comes as a part of our ongoing efforts to enhance accessibility in our client-side and web applications, which is a matter I hardly need to mention is very important. Jonas Klink, Software Engineer, Accessibility

(Emphasis added.)

Now, as many have commented, the accessibility level of much of Google’s code is atrocious. I like the idea that Google is actively invested in improving the accessibility of their products; but I have yet to see any serious evidence of this effort!

Still, in the holiday spirit, I will raise a glass to Google to encourage their accessibility efforts. (And if, as a side effect, I end up a little bit drunker, I will accept that.) 😉