Google Toolbar ties to the Windows Accessibility API

December 27, 2007

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Quietly released on the Saturday before Christmas, (what, are they trying to hide this news?) Google announced that their latest Toolbar release supports the Windows Accessibility API.

This is (obviously) a Windows-specific release, and even further, it’s just an Internet Explorer release. However, it’s definitely a step in the right direction! I was particularly glad to see the comment:

Version 5 comes as a part of our ongoing efforts to enhance accessibility in our client-side and web applications, which is a matter I hardly need to mention is very important. Jonas Klink, Software Engineer, Accessibility

(Emphasis added.)

Now, as many have commented, the accessibility level of much of Google’s code is atrocious. I like the idea that Google is actively invested in improving the accessibility of their products; but I have yet to see any serious evidence of this effort!

Still, in the holiday spirit, I will raise a glass to Google to encourage their accessibility efforts. (And if, as a side effect, I end up a little bit drunker, I will accept that.) 😉

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1 Comment to “Google Toolbar ties to the Windows Accessibility API”

  1. True!!
    i agree…
    I have also heard that google is planning to make a OS of its own?
    Dont know how much its true but possibilities are there…