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April 2, 2008

Topics: Accessibility, Blogging.

This is just cool:

Joe Dolson Sitelinks

“Sitelinks” are additional links Google generates from the contents of a site in order to help users navigate your site — they provide these links in their search results for selected terms. Most sites don’t have site links, so I’m finding it pretty cool to notice them for myself!

If you can’t see the image, the current Sitelinks for this site are:

On the whole, I’m pretty pleased with the selection chosen here. They’ve pretty well pinned down the key areas of the site: web design, web accessibility, search marketing, and my writing on these topics. Everything is reasonably represented. Perhaps, in my forthcoming site redesign (don’t keep a look out; it’s not going to be that soon,) I’ll make a point to better promote these specific areas of the site.

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7 Comments on “Google Site Links for “Joe Dolson””

  1. I bet this is the best thing that can happen to the blog (kind of Google Authority status to the website/blog). As a coincidence, even my blog has recently upgraded by Google to have sitelinks. You search “lifeiscolourful” and you would see the sitelinks for my site linknig on my name.

    I think Sitelinks are chosen more on how your internal linking is structured. By the way Joe, did you know that you can block/unblock these links from your account login to webmasters tool?

  2. Yep. Externally-driven decision making, there. It’s clearly chosen pages which I consider to be pretty important for my own site, but I have little idea why….

  3. Ah – I’d been wondering for ages how to get those sitelinks – if they just “happen” that would explain why I’d never got an answer!

  4. Yeah, I thought that page choice was odd, but then again it is a random representation of what I do… though 2007 would be better lol. 🙂

  5. @Mike: Yeah, your sitelinks are a little weird, Mike. Not sure that I’d consider your 2005 Archive to be quite that high priority!

    @Phil: Hey, could be worse. Although some of those seem pretty irrelevant, in the overall context of your site…. At least they’re there!

  6. I have that on mine too. Also pretty good selections, I’d pick some better ones, but I’m not complaining. Gotta love Google’s love 🙂

  7. Nice! I have to admit, I got jealous and checked my own site and I have site links for the search Unintentionally Blank. Sadly they aren’t quite as good as yours, but I’ve done a bit of tweaking in Google Webmaster Tools to see if I can make a difference.