This is an old project, now obsolete. Links have been redacted.

It didn’t quite take 2 years, at least. But very, very close. The last release of this script was May 25th, 2006 — so I made it just under the wire. But this is also a bit more than just a script update. In fact, this is a complete overhaul. I’m not certain that there’s actually a single line in the poll script which is the same as the previous version.

This was necessary; because the previous version was, in a word, pretty lousy. It may have acted as a decent jumping off point for some beginning programmers to code their own; but, on the whole, it was not a sophisticated script, and it was nothing like developer-friendly.

This new version, leveraging the power of Google’s Chart API (Application Programming Interface) and some clever scripting by Christian Heilmann provides a better end result with fewer potential problems for the user.

I’ve vastly increased the flexibility of the script — which once could only support a fixed 2–5 options in a single question — to provide support for any number of questions with any number of options, customizable at the question level. I don’t anticipate that anybody will be authoring 100 question polls with this…but they could, in theory.

And, to cap it all off, I’ve added an administrative interface which allows users to perform most of their basic management needs without needing to crawl into the database. Hopefully, it won’t prove to be too buggy.

Are there likely to be bugs in this? Yes! So, if you download this and try it out, please let me know what you notice. I caught quite a few; but I think it’s safe to say that there are a few left in there.

And by “a few,” I mean “actually, there could be a lot of ’em.”