Looking for Translations

June 12, 2008

Topics: Web Development.

I’m looking for people to provide alternate language translations for my Color Contrast Tester. I’ve already got people offering to provide Italian and German language files, but once you’ve gone that far…why not keep going?

If anybody reading this can provide additional translations, let me know in the comments — I’ll respond privately to make arrangements. It’s an easy job; the language file is independent of the rest of the script, so there aren’t any serious challenges in sorting what needs to be done.

Thanks in advance!

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15 Comments on “Looking for Translations”

  1. I could help for greek language file

  2. That would be great – I’ll email you the language file shortly.


  3. Hello Joe.
    I can provide Spanish versions if you need help.

  4. Hey. If you are interested, I can do it in Hindi and Nepali.

  5. @Marjolein & @goetsu: That would be great – I’ll e-mail you both!

  6. I can do a french translation if you want

  7. Hi Joe,

    If you still need a Dutch translation, I can do that.

  8. I can do spanish and galician translations

  9. @Mike: Thanks for the suggestion, Mike — I’ll get in touch with them when I get back from Toronto.

    @Carlos: That would be great. I’ll send you the language file shortly!

  10. If you want I can do the portuguese (Portugal) tanslation

    Best Regards

  11. Hi Joe, you might want to contact my form contributors for some.

  12. All done. Great tool by the way…

  13. @ iheni — that would be great! Definitely a good place to start.

    @ jedi — Thanks! I’ll send you a message.

  14. I can do Traditional Chinese (Taiwan, zh_TW) locale. And, in case no one is willing to do, I can also convert zh_TW locale to zh_CN (Simplified Chinese).

  15. Hi Joe, do you want me to send a message out to the International liaison Group in WaSP?