My Calendar version 1.7.0

January 14, 2011

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My Calendar version 1.7.0 is about to be released. This version contains a large number of significant changes, some of which may have consequences for your existing installation. I have taken every precaution I could, but there are aspects inherent in the automatic update process which cannot easily be tested thoroughly in advance. In preparation for the release, I strongly recommend that you make a copy of your current styles and note the settings of the Upcoming and Today’s Events widgets.

Both widgets have been entirely replaced with the WordPress Multiwidget class, which will allow you to use multiple individual instances of your widgets.

The stylesheet editor is moving from a database-driven editor to a file-based editor, which will increase the cacheability of the plug-in styles, improving performance of your site when using the styles. This also comes with the ability to choose between several different stylesheets.

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18 Comments on “My Calendar version 1.7.0”

  1. Joe, user-preferred location is not turned on. As a test I also threw the mini-calendar widget in and this also does not show any of the events listed on my main calendar page.

  2. @Ian Can you check whether your user settings configuration for user-preferred location is turned on? This seems to be the problem for somebody else, so I wanted to verify whether it is for you, as well.

  3. I just updated to the new version on 4/5/11, my upcoming event widgets are no longer showing any events. I deleted them from my sidebar and then put them back, re-did the settings (#of events, category…) but still no events are showing up. Any ideas?


  4. @Jooxzs That’s not supported at this time.

    @Sharon You shouldn’t need to enter a template; that’s only if you want to customize the layout. Are you not getting anything displaying? If not, you should reference the template tag help documents to choose what you will display.

  5. How can I embed a google maps? So far great plugin, but i want to embed a google maps, so can i see all event places.

  6. Please help. I would like to make a widget to show upcoming events but I don’t understand the “Template” that I need to enter into the widget. Can you help me?

    Thank you!

  7. @Chuck Where you previously had ‘#upcoming-events’ in the stylesheet, you need to replace it with ‘#my_calendar_upcoming_widget-9’ — that should have the desired effect.

  8. Joe, thanks for the response.
    Im a little confused as to what file i need to update to set the ID properly for the upcoming-events to get the styles applied.

    I looked at the source of the homepage and the widget id = “my_calendar_upcoming_widget-9”

    Im fairly new, i know just enough to be dangerous…

  9. @Jeff Thanks for contributing that bug fix. I appreciate it.

  10. There seems to be a bug in my-calendar-widgets.php; if there aren’t any upcoming events, and you’re listing them by day, it gives a foreach error. I fixed this by inserting

    if (count($events) == 0) {
    return stripcslashes( $no_event_text );

    before the foreach($events…) in function my_calendar_upcoming_events; it’s a little inelegant, since it returns from the middle of your function, but I didn’t spend the time looking for a more elegant path.

  11. For those that had issues, go in and choose a different style sheet in the plug in.

    The problem that i had which was similar was because my own stylesheet is not writeable. after choosing to have My Calendar use one of it’s own it seems fine.

  12. This is a disaster. Now the only shortcode that works on our home page is [my_calendar]. my_calendar_upcoming no longer pulls any events info, using the same mark-up we had on our index page BEFORE the “update”.

    I am going back to the earlier version as we don’t have hours to troubleshoot how to fix this on a LIVE site that needs to display upcoming events on the home page.

    It is not too helpful to warn people there are big changes but provide them no visual map to tell them what will need to change.

  13. is it possible to link an events with an article ?

  14. @Kim It looks like you don’t have a stylesheet selected. How did you upgrade? Did you use the automatic upgrade? Have you read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)?

  15. I upgraded to the newer version. I had events placed in the calendar before and after upgrade and now the events dont show on the calendar.

  16. I upgraded and now the Upcoming Events widget does not work.

  17. You lost category colors? That’s strange — nothing in this update changed categories in any way. That’s one of the few things that didn’t change.

    This post, that you’re commenting on, specifies very clearly that you’ll need to reset your sidebar widgets after upgrading, so you’ll just have to do that.

    I took a lot of precautions with styles – if they didn’t get copied to the stylesheet properly, they should still be stored in the database as an option named ‘my_calendar_style’, and be available for you to copy from.

  18. I upgrade the My Calendar plug-in using the automatic upgrade function in WordPress. Now My Calendar is broken.

    I have a back-up of my site files done yesterday prior to my foolish upgrade. What My Calendar file will I need to install to regain formating and category colors and calendar colors. Interesting enough, not all style color changed to default. Some of them kept the changes I had made. Sidebar widgets disappeared.

    My client is not happy. So it goes . . .