Jane Wells, the WordPress user interface lead, posted a call for accessibility reviewers for WordPress 3.2 and the new Twenty Eleven theme. I would dearly love to help with this, but in all practicality I don’t think I can commit to it right now. However, I hope that if there’s anybody out there with a good handle on accessibility issues and a little extra time they’ll volunteer to provide their thoughts!

WordPress has demonstrated an interest in accessibility, but they need your help!

If you’re interested, Jane has asked for names and information to sign up (although, so far, it seems like most people have just gone ahead and started making comments directly.)

Show your interest here: Make WordPress Accessible

Keep in mind, please, that the WordPress development team are asking for help, not criticism. They are asking for help because they know that they aren’t accessibility experts — keep the tone constructive! WordPress is a great application — and from the vantage point of making the web more accessible, making such a popular and widespread application as accessible as possible would be huge progress.