My Calendar version 1.9.0 has been released!

Download My Calendar Version 1.9.0

Note for upgraders: During the automatic upgrade process, My Calendar makes a copy of your stylesheet and re-installs it in place of the copy in the package. However, if you are uploading the plug-in manually, this process will not happen. You should either move your current stylesheet into a custom styles folder or choose not to upload that stylesheet in order to retain your styles.

There has been a problem with My Calendar upgrading settings properly in this update — if you’re finding major problems after upgrading, please check your settings; you may need to reset a number of them. (This is the reason I haven’t released officially yet.)

In point of fact, My Calendar version 1.9 is ready to go. It’s packaged up, ready to be shipped out. (Well, promoted to the subversion repository. Whatever.)

However, I’m not ready to launch it yet — and this is just because I’ve been very short of time recently, and I don’t anticipate this changing soon. I don’t believe that there are any major bugs in the release — I’m sure there are small ones, despite the time I’ve spent on testing, but probably nothing earth-shattering. However, I have to be realistic — I don’t know this for sure. And because of that, I need to delay the full launch. This isn’t because I’m worried about the possibility of problems, particularly. Rather, it’s because on the off-hand chance that there are problems, I simply don’t have the time right now to be able to deal with them responsibly.

That’s a worrying position – if I launch, and there’s a major problem, I may not be able to fix it promptly. No matter how confident I am in the preparation of this version, that’s clearly grounds to delay. Unfortunately, I’ve been delaying for a long time; partially because I keep adding new features, and partially because I’ve been too busy for a while.

So I’m making this available here, now — version 1.9.0 can be downloaded now. I’m launching it here, instead of through the WordPress repository, because I know that many, many fewer people will get a hold of it here. This means fewer potential problems, and it’s much more likely I’ll be able to deal with any problems responsibly.

Since you don’t have easy access to the changelog, like you would at, here are the changes which apply to the new version:


  • template editing for list, grid, mini, and single event output.
  • pop-up box is now draggable.
  • date format option for grid mode, week view.
  • templating for details link text.
  • templating for event URL (Uniform Resource Locator) link text.
  • location filtering from shortcode.
  • image upload option for events
  • day class to calendar date headings and cells
  • individual instances of repeating events can be edited
  • feature to add multiple occurrences of an event simultaneously. (concept from Dave Heitzman)
  • feature to mass edit information for groups of events (concept from Dave Heitzman)
  • stored URL for locations (contrib by John Colvin)
  • recurring daily events on weekdays only (based on contrib by John Colvin)
  • optional templating for all event output formats
  • individual event occurrence iCal export
  • numerous additional template tags
  • Option to use custom location filter fields as data control
  • Shortcode to generate list of saved locations
  • Network administrators can control whether sub-site calendars contribute only to a central calendar, only to their own calendar, or whether site administrators can make that choice.
  • Upgrade notice information in dashboard for future upgrades.
  • implementation of WordPress text diff to compare your styles and scripts against my current released versions
  • Option to skip a defined number of events in upcoming events lists.

Bug fixes:

  • jump box was displaying in week/grid view.
  • some potentially repeatable IDs (code validation).
  • ‘Administrators see all options’ did not work.
  • Fixed timestamps on main calendar objects
  • Squashed e_notice errors.
  • category limiting did not work without permalinks due to GET variable conflict with WordPress core
  • Missing nonce in database upgrade routine
  • Mini calendar simultaneously displayed single event view when visited.
  • Link generation for details view did not work if calendar link parameterized
  • Issue with weekdays only calendar if day of week set to start on Sunday
  • Issue with retrieval of user-specific settings
  • Issue with accessing styles and javascript if My Calendar installed in non-standard directory.
  • Problem in Today’s Events widget when Holiday restrictions are enabled.


  • replaced all default icons with 24-bit transparent PNGs
  • jumpbox output to automatically scope to the oldest dates in the database.
  • iCal output to output event for complete current month
  • RSS (Really Simple Syndication) output to prioritize newly added events
  • holiday skipping/fifth week customization moved into event manager function
  • new ‘close’ icon for pop-up box; added close icon and scripting to mini calendar pop-up
  • copy in several places; updated template tags.
  • location lists sorted by location label (contrib by John Colvin)
  • Eliminated calendar heading option
  • default style resets no longer stored in global variables, instead stored as files.
  • Map links now trigger the driving directions dialog in Google Maps
  • New default stylesheet, refresh.css