I get a lot of feature requests and customization requests for my event management WordPress plug-in. These requests range from minor tweaks, which I can add as features in less than 10 minutes to major re-skinning and behavioral changes. When I get a request which can potentially be worked into the calendar software as a permanent part of the plug-in, I’m usually happy to take on that work — but I only have so much time, and I’d rather put that time in on making a better plug-in rather than doing new styling and custom behaviors.

So, I’m in need of a few people who are skilled developers with strong CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), JavaScript and/or WordPress/PHP experience. I’ll maintain this list as people I trust to do high-quality customization work with My Calendar (or with other work, potentially).

Mostly, this will be CSS/JavaScript work. There may be occasional needs to PHP (Hypertext PreProcessing) customizations, but that will probably be more rare.

If you’re interested in being on this list, please contact me. Provide a couple of work samples where you’ve done CSS/JavaScript work. If possible, an actual instance of customizing My Calendar would be very beneficial.

This isn’t likely to be a flood of work – but what I’m getting is more than what I can do.

Thank you!