Getting plug-ins localized can be a big challenge. Depending on a single very dedicated person to translate hundreds of out-of-context strings (and to update them when the next version comes available) is far from reasonable.

As a result, the translations available for my plug-ins have tended towards the sketchily inaccurate. Not because the translations are bad (although, to be honest, I don’t really know that), but because many, many strings are missing from the translations. Even the best translations are still only around 90% completed — and a lot of the older translations for some plug-ins now only provide a translation of 15-20% of the plug-in.

It’s inevitable, really. Somebody needs a translation for a project, so they do it – but then the project is done and nobody is continuing to take care of updating the translation.

To help solve this problem, I’m doing what a lot of developers have done in the past: turning to GlotPress so I can crowdsource the translations.

Translations will no longer be dependent on one person to provide the entire translation — instead, people can wander in, translate a few strings, then disappear — and I’ll just be happy that they’ve brought my project closer to being fully translated!

You can find my GlotPress installation at You’ll need a user login to start translating, and I’m opting not to allow self-registrations right now, so contact me and I’ll set you up with an account.

Thank you in advance!