After a trip to a great accessibility conference like CSUN, I inevitably end up with massive lists of great ideas for things I could work on to promote and improve accessibility.

It is equally inevitable that I will forget some of these and fail to complete others — but documentation helps.

Coming out of the conference, here are a few of the great ideas I’ve talked about with other people here or just had pop into my brain without warning.

  • Incorporate the QUAIL project for dynamically detecting accessibility issues into my WP accessibility plug-in.
  • Develop a WordPress plug-in for using the new WAVE5 API (Application Programming Interface) to generate statistics and analysis of WordPress site accessibility.
  • Establish a blueprint-like language for designing wireframes and web design proofs that include accessibility information that is not visibly part of the design. Came out of a conversation with Mike Guill on the problem with developers who only build what’s shown on the wireframe/proof.
  • Finish my already 75% written accessible video management plug-in for WordPress
  • Finally learn more about working with others* through Github or Bitbucket so that I can take advantage of others expertise to improve my accessibility projects.

There’s a good probability that there are other things I’ve thought about this week that aren’t in here. Most likely, I’ve already forgotten them, and will think of them again next year…

“Works well with others” was not a comment my elementary school teachers ever wrote on my report cards.