My Calendar Pro released today!

August 11, 2015

Topics: Accessibility, WordPress.

Months of development, and I’m finally releasing My Calendar version 2.4.0 and the new premium add-on for My Calendar: My Calendar Pro. My Calendar Pro replaces My Calendar: Submissions, and incorporates all the functionality formerly found in My Calendar Submissions, while expanding the plug-in to offer extensive additional features.

These are early days for My Calendar Pro – I have a lot more features to add, but while it’s still getting fleshed out, I’m offering it for sale at a low early-release price: buy My Calendar Pro for only $39!

[file id=”5366″]

I can’t say how long this deal will last; but once the main features of My Calendar Pro are complete, the price will go up. (It’ll probably be about 2 months.)

My Calendar Pro adds the ability to edit from the front-end using the Submissions features from My Calendar: Submissions, the ability to generate events from blog posts, and the ability to generate blog posts from events, as well as providing an expanded search form allowing filtering on locations, categories, authors, and dates while you search.

Future features will include event imports, categories limited privately to specific member groups, event-specific template selection, notifications, and a responsive display mode for the Grid calendar!

Keep your eyes open – but buying My Calendar Pro now will give you all these features in future updates at a low introductory price!

Why My Calendar?

My Calendar is the only calendar plug-in with a firm focus on accessibility – the calendar itself is highly accessible, but the ability to specify the accessibility characteristics for your events or event venues is built into the plug-in, as well. Calendar accessibility isn’t just about getting access to the event information: it’s also about knowing whether your visitors will be able to attend the event. Support My Calendar and support accessibility in WordPress plug-ins. Thank you!

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4 Comments on “My Calendar Pro released today!”

  1. If you need information, you can submit a support request from the Help screen of your plug-in or via the support form on this site at

    When you made your purchase, you were provided with an account on this site, where you can log in and download current versions of your purchase. You can log in to your account at, or follow the link in the topleft corner of this page.

  2. my calendar pro

    I think we purchased a copy of pro and it was on our site, but when we deactivated and updated cy calendar, it disappeared. I believe our key for the plug-in was
    How does one get a copy without going through the pay regime

  3. Your license for My Calendar Submissions is automatically ported over to My Calendar Pro; the new version of My Calendar includes instructions on how to migrate from one to the other. You’ll have to update to version 1.2.9 of My Calendar: Submissions, first, however.

    Please send your support request via one of my support paths: either the support form on this site or through your support form on your help screen. Thanks!

  4. Hi,

    I just bought the premium lifetime updates for MyCalendar Submissions a few days ago. What does this mean for that program? I’m noticing I can’t update any anything under “My Calendar Settings” anymore.

    Please advise,