So, it’s been a long weekend. But if you throw enough 14 hour days together, you can get a lot done!

As of this weekend, my store has been migrated to Easy Digital Downloads. This wasn’t an easy decision, but it was a necessary one. From a purely practical standpoint, I’d reached the limits of the amount of time I could spend writing plug-ins while also maintaining a totally custom sales experience. If I wanted a new feature, I had to plan on taking a week out of improving my products to write it.

With Easy Digital Downloads, that’s no longer an issue, unless I want to do something super obscure.

The migration was complicated – 4 years of sales data had to be imported into a completely new system. There are probably errors, but here’s what you might want to know, if you’re a customer:

  • Your old license keys are still valid.
  • Your account log-in and information is unchanged.
  • There may be cases where your purchase information is missing or incorrect. Just let me know!
  • All licenses have been migrated onto the same basic set of licensing rules: either a single-year license or an unlimited license. I couldn’t migrate the store and also maintain two different sets of rules for the same products.
  • The endpoints for updates in past releases are now deprecated, and will be removed six months after the next update is shipped.

I haven’t gotten rid of any of the old data, so I can edit things manually as needed. I’ve already cleaned up a bunch of migrated data, but for me to believe that I’ve fixed everything would be naive!

I want to thank Hudson Atwell of Inbound Now for his invaluable help in getting this migration done. You should check out his WordPress Inbound marketing suite!

Any questions? Ask on this post. Please send support questions via my support forms, and ask general questions about the migration below!