It’s been a while since I released a major update for My Calendar Pro! This update includes a number of bug fixes, and some significant new features. Event imports got some major work, allowing you to schedule regular imports and allowing you to re-import your import sources to update their information rather than duplicating the events. Responsive design has been extended to include the print view (an oversight from the original implementation of that feature), and some improvements to email notifications and event search.

Event Imports

It’s been just over a year since I added the ability to import events from CSV or iCAL files and URLS. This update expands on that feature, allowing you to schedule regular imports using the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) for an importable CSV or iCAL file and ensuring that your imported events won’t be duplicated.

With this release, if you import an event that you’ve already imported, it will be updated in My Calendar. This depends on your import including a UID field with the event, so that My Calendar has a trackable reference that always refers to this event. iCal files always include a UID field, so that’s generally going to be safe. However, there are some things to be aware of if you’re importing from multiple, separate iCal files. While the UID is always unique from a given source, that doesn’t guarantee that two separate sources are independently unique.

Right now, if you’re importing iCal documents from My Calendar sources, those can’t be guaranteed to be unique. There’s a good chance they will, but I can’t guarantee it. That UID is a combination of the My Calendar event ID and the unique ID for a specific date of an event. It’s probable that imports from two sites using My Calendar could include events with the same event ID or the same date ID, but improbable that the combination will occur in both. But it’s not impossible.

Location Searching

In the advanced search, you could only search events on location using the specific name of a location in the database. In this version, you can also filter by city, state, postal code, country, or region. This will make searches by location considerably more flexible.

Other Improvements

In addition to those two major features, this release includes miscellaneous improvements to internationalization, a separate notification message to be sent when a user edits an event versus submitting one, improved responsive design in the print view, and numerous additional fixes and adjustments.