My Calendar 3.2.0 Beta

February 18, 2020

Topics: WordPress.

The next major release of My Calendar is in beta, and I’d appreciate any testing of the beta possible! There are new major new features in this release – it’s focused primarily on updating to conform to the latest version of the WordPress PHP (Hypertext PreProcessing) ruleset. One of the key changes includes some significant changes to how dates and times are displayed – this should help resolve some problems relating to timezones, but definitely needs some significant testing to make sure everything is solid.

You can download the beta from GitHub: My Calendar v3.2.0 beta. If you find issues, please report them on GitHub!

Thank you!

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2 Comments on “My Calendar 3.2.0 Beta”

  1. If you want to display categories in a select, you may want to try using the function `my_calendar_categories_list()` to generate the code; it’ll save you a lot of trouble. Getting that to work in any meaningful way will still be work for you, but for generating the form itself, that would save you trouble.

    Re: warnings/suggestions: really, it depends on what it’s saying; some warnings/suggestions are style only (e.g., use of spaces, tabs, etc.); others will be dependent on dependencies (e.g., the function ‘apply_filters’ is a WordPress function and not defined in My Calendar; if the IDE doesn’t know about the WordPress functions, it’ll warn about undefined functions).

    If there are real issues, I’d want to know about them; but style is pretty much locked – I use the WordPress PHP (Hypertext PreProcessing) code standards, and have no intention of changing that.

  2. I’m wanting to modify the grid header slightly using a custom filter. I would like to have the Categories in a Select (dropdown) instead of the Key, and I also want to add a dropdown to allow filtering by event_host. At this point I’m just familiarizing myself with the current code set.

    Also, I’m using NetBeans IDE and the NB PHP (Hypertext PreProcessing) editor is showing a number of warnings/suggestions. Should I be concerned or should I be looking at the beta code set?

    Thank you for the my-calendar plugin. Any follow up is appreciated.