My Calendar Pro version 3.0 is now in beta, and in testing. It’s been in the works now for six months. Originally, this was intended as version 2.3; I was expecting to add a couple of features, and then get moving towards the next release. But in developing some of the key new features, I realized that I needed to do some significant rebuilding. The changes are now at a point where I need to consider this a major release, with potentially breaking changes for existing custom fields.

If you’re a Pro license holder, contact me to get the beta version for testing.

What’s new in My Calendar Pro

Restructured Field HTML (HyperText Markup Language) Output

The output of all fields now follows a much more rigorous structure. Previously, the output was, frankly, a bit random. It’s now more consistent. This is one of the things that is a breaking change: if you’ve got a lot of custom CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for your submission forms, there’s a good chance it’ll need to be redone. There really isn’t a ready option for “fix the inconsistencies” while also “leaving everything the same.”

New Custom Field Creation Interface

Editing a custom field in My Calendar Pro 3.0

My Calendar Pro 3.0 will ship with a user interface for creating and editing custom fields. If you have existing custom fields, built using code, they should continue to work – but please test! I did make significant changes to how the fields API (Application Programming Interface) structure works, so there may well be cases that aren’t handled yet.

New Form Builder

Form builder showing field label editing, form selector.

My Calendar Pro 3.0 is shipping with a new form builder, replacing the shortcode generator previously in use. All your old shortcodes are still supported; but the new form builder is more flexible, easier to use, and considerably less fragile.