After far, far too long, My Calendar version 3.5.0 and the companion plugin My Calendar Pro 3.1.0 are released!

The My Calendar 3.5.0 release is a major release. It includes extensive changes to the templating system, HTML (HyperText Markup Language) output, and default styling. If you’re having issues with the styles of your calendar following this update, it’s likely due to those changes.

For the majority of users – particularly if you’ve never made major changes to the calendar styles – the changes will be improvements. The CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is more modern, it has better coverage for all of the features in My Calendar, etc.

New in this release is the option to use PHP (Hypertext PreProcessing)-based templating, replacing the custom templating system that My Calendar has used for many years. For advanced templating, this will offer significantly greater flexibility, since you’ll be able to fully use PHP to employ custom logic for your My Calendar layouts.

The My Calendar Pro 3.1.0 release is smaller than I’d originally targeted. This is directly due to the scope of the My Calendar release. It was simply too much to release a lot of changes in both plugins. That said, there are still some significant new features in My Calendar Pro and a lot of helpful bug fixes.

Future Major Releases

One of the extremely significant perks of this major release is that it’s the last one that needs to be at this scale. I’ve been undertaking a number of large changes to how My Calendar work over the last five years, and those changes have been so extensive that they required updates to be way more extensive than I would really prefer – but I didn’t really have a choice. Going forward, a “major release” will be smaller than it has been, and should be more frequent.