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A day of closures

May 28, 2023

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Topics: Accessibility, WordPress.

I released two plugin updates that were a bit painful. The first is for WP to Twitter – and has been coming for quite a while. In this release, I removed support forms and all of the promotional materials for WP Tweets Pro, which I’m no longer selling. I think that the reasons for discontinuing WP Tweets Pro are pretty well known at this point; but suffice to say I don’t trust Twitter enough to continue to develop for their […]

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Still plenty of work to do – the WebAIM Million

April 5, 2022

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Topics: Accessibility.

Every year, WebAIM conducts a study of the top 1,000,000 home pages across the web. This study is a great way to get a broad assessment of how web accessibility is changing across a wide array of popular sites. And year by year, the stats seem to be getting a bit better. But the progress is so incremental, with such small gains. And this isn’t because home pages aren’t changing. If you look at the detected errors section, you’ll see […]

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The posts they are a changin’ – Gutenberg, Blocks, and the future of WordPress

February 2, 2022

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Topics: Accessibility, WordPress.

In a recent email, I wrote this paragraph (paraphrased because it’s out of context): “Accessible development requires a high level of distrust for the tools you’re using to build a site, and an operational assumption that unless you have reviewed the output of a tool, you should assume it’s not accessible. This is a frustratingly adversarial method of interacting with software, but once you’ve worked through the process of assessing what your tools do systematically, you will have a good […]

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The real added costs of accessibility

January 17, 2022


Topics: Accessibility, Web Development.

For many years, I’ve seen repeated – and have myself repeated – the idea that an accessible website is not more expensive. That idea comes with a notable caveat. That caveat, to sum it up, is that it is not more accessible to build an accessible website from scratch than it is to build an inaccessible site from scratch. Building from scratch. When was the last time you built a website from scratch? What does it mean, in 2022, to […]

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Don’t judge progress by the number of open issues

January 9, 2022


Topics: Accessibility, WordPress.

Recently, I’ve seen more than one person in the accessibility community sharing Tweets about the number of accessibility issues in the Gutenberg repository. The increase in issues over the last few years is presented to show that WordPress is not considering accessibility. Specifically, I’m referring to comments by Adrian Roselli & Dennis Lembree: At this rate Gutenberg (the WordPress block editor) will be down to zero issues in −7 years, or by January 2015. This tracks since it had no […]

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