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Don’t judge progress by the number of open issues

January 9, 2022


Topics: Accessibility, WordPress.

Recently, I’ve seen more than one person in the accessibility community sharing Tweets about the number of accessibility issues in the Gutenberg repository. The increase in issues over the last few years is presented to show that WordPress is not considering accessibility. Specifically, I’m referring to comments by Adrian Roselli & Dennis Lembree: There are plenty of legitimate reasons to criticize the accessibility of Gutenberg. Progress on accessibility has been inconsistent at best. This is heavily influenced by the […]

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Plugin Release: My Calendar 3.3.0

December 13, 2021

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Topics: Accessibility.

I’ve been working on My Calendar 3.3.0 for a solid 9 months, and it’s finally releasing today! This is a major release, and there are quite a lot of accompanying changes. One change of note is that this is the first release I didn’t work on 100% alone; I hired Paal Joachim Romdahl to help with documentation and testing, for an outside view on usability and logic. Paal’s done a great job, and this is a thoroughly tested product. One […]

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Notes on the WordPress Classic Editor plugin

August 30, 2021


Topics: Accessibility, WordPress.

I’ve observed a lot of conversations about how long WordPress will continue to support the Classic Editor plug-in. It’s something that people seem highly passionate and concerned about – and I haven’t really understood why. In the course of a recent conversation, I learned the reason: people were not aware that the Classic Editor is still part of core. The Classic Editor Plugin does not contain the editor Yes, that’s right. The classic editor plugin offers controls allowing users to […]

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The Dangerous Path of the Accessibility Overlay

March 9, 2021


Topics: Accessibility.

Without naming any names – because it doesn’t really matter which tool it is – an accessibility overlay is a tool that fundamentally harms the future of web site accessibility. The nature of accessibility testing is to expose issues to a human being who can then act on those issues. An accessibility overlay, by nature, avoids exposing what problems it has addressed to a human being. This is a crucial difference that has a long-term impact on the accessibility of […]

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AccessiBe & the fake WordPress plug-in reviews

February 17, 2021


Topics: Accessibility, Plugins, WordPress.

On Tuesday, February 16th, I reported the presence of fake plug-in reviews on AccessiBe’s pretend-to-fix-accessibility plug-in. Now, the implication of a large number of 4 and 5 star reviews that show clear evidence of being faked is that they’ve been purchased by the plug-in author in question – but, of course, that’s not a provable statement using the information I have. However, the evidence of the fake reviews is pretty damning. At the time I reported the reviews, AccessiBe showed […]

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