Google Search Refinements

September 8, 2006

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If there’s any one thing which I really wish Google provided, it would be search refinement. Their option to "search within results" is OK…but not exactly user-friendly. The link is buried at the bottom of the search results page, first of all. The number of times, early on, that I filled in my refining terms at the bottom of the page and then clicked the "search within results" link expecting the refinement to be performed is just ridiculous! But, assuming […]

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Google’s News Archives Search

September 6, 2006

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It’s pretty cool. The sad thing is that I was unable to find myself in any recent news. Of course, given that it appears I was murdered in the late 19th century (according to the Olean Democrat on Tuesday, May 2, 1893,) this is hardly surprising. Moved and carried that the attorney be instructed to look after the interests of ths city as pertains to the inquest about be held to inquire into the cause of death of Joseph Dolson […]

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Frivolous Lawsuits – Are they worth it?

September 1, 2006

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Every time I see a lawsuit like Brava Corp vs. Google, I have to wonder exactly what the thoughts behind the suit really are. Is it an honest (though mis-guided) attempt at retribution for perceived slights? A search for publicity? Hope for financial gain? Or is it just bad decision making? In this particular case, Ms. Bradley of Brava Corp. claims that her business relationship with Google (as a brief participant in the AdSense program) caused her irreparable harm by […]

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Organization Applications from Google

August 28, 2006

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So, Google has taken one more step towards providing a full-service online application service. Now making Google Apps for your domain available, which includes Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar, and Google Page Creator you’re looking at a branded site service enabling inter-office and extra-office communications, group calendaring, and web publishing within your organization – all very handy tools which are not frequently available at this kind of cost level. Of course, their information pages do say that there is no […]

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Question and Answer about Google and the Open Directory

August 17, 2006


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A recent thread at Cre8asite Forums brought an interesting article to my attention. Not that there are any huge surprises in the article – it’s all pretty much common knowledge about the relationship between Google and Dmoz. However, having it written up by a highly experienced Dmoz editor gives it a notable boost in value. Jean Manco is a regular contributor to Cre8asite forums, providing updates into the happenings at the Open Directory Project and related issues. She has been […]

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