Alternative Text for Significant Images

January 2, 2008


Topics: Web standards.

In the comments from my most recent article, “Supporting Standards that Support Accessibility,” a number of interesting thoughts were raised concerning the requirement (or lack thereof) of the alt attribute in HTML 5. It’s a difficult issue. I’ve seen numerous articles around the web which discuss the fact that HTML 5 does not require the alt attribute. To some degree, this is true: HTML 5 provides exclusions to the requirement. In situations where an image is significant but no alternative […]

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Basic Tips on Image Handling for the Web: Tutorial

September 27, 2007


Topics: Web Development.

This is a basic guide to dealing with images on the web — file formats, sizing, naming protocols, and adding them to a page. File Formats File Naming Coding for Images Editing and Sizing Choosing the Right File Format There are three common image file formats in use on the web: JPEG (also JPG), GIF and PNG. Respectively, these stand for Joint Photographic Experts Group, Graphics Interchange Format, and Portable Network Graphic. The most simple and important way to divide […]

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