5 things you did not know about Joseph Dolson

December 16, 2006

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Barry Welford and Liana Evans tagged me. (For separate blogs; but I’m combining the response into just one post. Duplicate content be damned. What am I going to do? Give away 10 facts about myself?)

  1. In high school and college I was a pretty serious goth. Lots of makeup, all black clothing, the whole 9 yards. I varyingly had extremely long hair (to the lower back, usually) and a completely shaved head.
  2. I never owned or lived with a computer before 2001. I’d never worked with any kind of programming language; knew nothing whatsoever about this “command prompt” thingamajig or “objects”. I’ve never held a full-time job in anything in the computer industry. On a related note; I’ve never designed a website using tables for layout. 🙂
  3. Before going into computers and web development, I pursued classical history and music composition. I’ve been accepted to grad school on a number of occasions for each, but never actually went. Schools I’ve been accepted to include Boston University, the University of Colorado at Boulder, and University College London. I still play classical music regularly and read on classical topics, but don’t particularly intend to pursue them academically.
  4. I don’t drive. I did finally get my driver’s license two years ago, but have not actually been behind the wheel since sometime in early 2005. I will eventually drive, because it’s an unfair burden on my girlfriend for me not to, but I haven’t managed to take that step yet. Driving scares the hell out of me.
  5. I grew up in Montana. My mother grew up on a farm in western North Dakota; my father on a ranch in eastern Montana. My girlfriend is a professional horse trainer. Everybody asks me whether I ride: No, I don’t. I’m a city boy: growing up in Montana is not equivalent to growing up in the country.

I’m going to have to tag some new people, here…let’s see — Mike Cherim, Jack Pickard, Emma Sax, Nadir Garouche, and Michael Jensen. (He says he hasn’t been tagged yet – but he started the whole thing! Seems only fair.)

10 Comments on “5 things you did not know about Joseph Dolson”

  1. I figured that somebody would follow that link…yes, I truly did go to Hellgate High. Shockingly enough, we had no nicknames for our school – what was the point?

    Once I get my scanner working again, I can even supply a picture from my goth days…

  2. Oh, Jack… too funny 😀

  3. Sorry, Hellgate High School? Is that the one where there were really sulphurous smells coming up from the basement, and you could have sworn the janitor’s eyes glowed fiery red that time in the dark.
    I mean, Hellgate High School? If you’re going to give the place a name like that, you probably are the sort of people who’ll site it on an ancient Indian burial ground, and then, just to be doubly sure, go and sacrifice a few goats.
    Where did you go after that? The University Of Lucifer?

    …sorry, I just went off on one there….

  4. Thanks for the tag, I guess I’ll have to get thinking.

  5. You are right. I didn’t know these things… especially number one. Goth? I am surprised. I guess I have a post to make huh?

  6. I just updated your line in the blog tag tree, and thanks for the tag!!

  7. Kim Krause Berg (cre8pc); December 16, 2006 at 4:30 pm

    Even after meeting you and hanging out with you, I NEVER would’ve picked up on the goth past life. Bet you were handsome as heck then, even w/the look and hair. You’re handsome now, so it just makes sense 🙂

    PS. There’s a city in Montana? heh.

  8. Glad to have tagged you, Joe. I always knew there was more about you than met the (virtual) eye. 🙂