Barry Welford and Liana Evans tagged me. (For separate blogs; but I’m combining the response into just one post. Duplicate content be damned. What am I going to do? Give away 10 facts about myself?)

  1. In high school and college I was a pretty serious goth. Lots of makeup, all black clothing, the whole 9 yards. I varyingly had extremely long hair (to the lower back, usually) and a completely shaved head.
  2. I never owned or lived with a computer before 2001. I’d never worked with any kind of programming language; knew nothing whatsoever about this “command prompt” thingamajig or “objects”. I’ve never held a full-time job in anything in the computer industry. On a related note; I’ve never designed a website using tables for layout. 🙂
  3. Before going into computers and web development, I pursued classical history and music composition. I’ve been accepted to grad school on a number of occasions for each, but never actually went. Schools I’ve been accepted to include Boston University, the University of Colorado at Boulder, and University College London. I still play classical music regularly and read on classical topics, but don’t particularly intend to pursue them academically.
  4. I don’t drive. I did finally get my driver’s license two years ago, but have not actually been behind the wheel since sometime in early 2005. I will eventually drive, because it’s an unfair burden on my girlfriend for me not to, but I haven’t managed to take that step yet. Driving scares the hell out of me.
  5. I grew up in Montana. My mother grew up on a farm in western North Dakota; my father on a ranch in eastern Montana. My girlfriend is a professional horse trainer. Everybody asks me whether I ride: No, I don’t. I’m a city boy: growing up in Montana is not equivalent to growing up in the country.

I’m going to have to tag some new people, here…let’s see — Mike Cherim, Jack Pickard, Emma Sax, Nadir Garouche, and Michael Jensen. (He says he hasn’t been tagged yet – but he started the whole thing! Seems only fair.)