Interviewed at Cre8asite Blog

January 13, 2007

Topics: Blogging, Personal.

Well, the title says it all, methinks. I’ve been interviewed by Elizabeth Able, Cre8asite’s chief blogger-in-residence and a moderator in the forums.

First time I’ve ever been interviewed, I think – it was a good experience, though! Thanks, Elizabeth and Cre8asite!

4 Comments on “Interviewed at Cre8asite Blog”

  1. Thanks, Marc!

    I appreciate the well-wishes! Hope all goes well for you in the new year, as well.

  2. Hi Joe,

    Interesting read and congratulations on becoming a moderator at cre8asiteforums. I’m sure, if not already, that you will become a very welcome addition and indispensable member of their team.

    Well done, and best wishes for 2007!