I finally released version 2.4.0 of WP to Twitter today. The latest major version release was quite a long time ago – 2.3.0 went out in June of 2011, and although it has received 18 (18!) bug fix or minor feature updates since then, the plug-in hasn’t had a good overhaul for a very long time.

Well, that’s not true anymore. The version I released today has some pretty substantial changes — it no longer requires cURL support, for one thing! A lot of the changes to WP to Twitter are, however, very un-sexy back-end rewriting.

What’s more significant is that I’m simultaneously releasing a brand new thing for me: a PRO upgrade to WP to Twitter!

It’s called WP Tweets PRO. WP Tweets PRO is all about new features: delayed tweeting of your new posts, automatically scheduled re-posting so those overseas readers don’t miss out, and full support for personalized Twitter posting for each author on your site.

WP Tweets PRO is available with a single-site license ($25) or a multi-site license ($90).

Buy the Single site license: [file id=”1402″ text=”#button#”]

Buy the Multi-site license: [file id=”1437″ text=”#button#”]

I hope you find it useful — that was certainly my goal!