The new version of my PRO extension for WP to Twitter is now available. The update fixes a variety of minor bugs, creates some clarifying error messages – but most importantly adds some great new features.

In version 1.3.0, you can now:

Schedule a Custom Tweet

Schedule a Tweet for any time and associate it with any post you’ve published. Simple and straightforward: you can either send it as straight text — what you wrote, and nothing but what you wrote — or you can send it through the WP to Twitter template processor and fetch information from the post on the fly.

Lock Co-Tweeting to one account.

Want to send your posts to two accounts, but not to just any old account? Don’t want to expect your authors to set up their own accounts? No problem. You can set your Co-tweeting to always post to a specific second account.

Custom Filtering

WP to Twitter has a couple of filtering options — filter by category, don’t post edits, etc. However, the gamut of how you might want to filter your Tweets can be pretty complicated. WP Tweets PRO 1.3.0 adds an option to create a custom filter for Tweets – you can specify a wide variety of rules that will prevent a Tweet from being sent. Block a specific post from ever being Tweeted; block a specific author; block a specific word in the title — it’s up to you.

WP Tweets PRO does a lot to improve your ability to customize how your WordPress site communicates with Twitter – and it just got a lot more powerful!

Buy it now!