Admin Notice: The showkey, shownav, showjump, and toggle shortcode attributes have been deprecated. Use above and below instead.

If you’ve recently upgraded My Calendar to version 2.2.0, you may be seeing this notice at the top of your public calendar. This is because I’ve introduced a change in version 2.2.0, and although those four shortcode attributes will continue to work for now, I do intend to remove them completely down the road — so I need people to stop using them sooner rather than later.

The notice is only displayed for logged-in administrators – but it is possible that if you’re using a caching plug-in that the caching plug-in could pick this up; so it’s not impossible for it to be shown to the public.

To make it as easy as possible to switch, I’m going to explain right here (for those who do a search on this error message), what they need to do.

If you’re seeing the message, it means that the shortcode that’s producing your calendar uses one or more of these shortcode attributes:

  • showkey (controls the category key)
  • shownav (controls the previous/next navigation)
  • showjump (controls the quick navigation jumpbox)
  • toggle (controls the list/grid format toggle)

Rather than require a separate attribute to control each of these features, I’ve introduced two simple new attributes: above and below. With these shortcodes, you simply define which fields you want to see, in which position. This gives much greater control — you can now have your previous/next navigation both above and below if you want. You can place the format toggle before the navigation, or after.

Both new attributes support seven values, used as a comma-separated string. The replacement attributes for the original four are:

  • nav (turns on prev/next navigation)
  • toggle (turns on format toggle)
  • jump (turns on quick navigation)
  • key (turns on category key)

There are also three new attributes, configuring additional features:

  • timeframe (toggles to switch between month, week, and day)
  • print (turn on the print view link)
  • feeds (turn on the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and iCal feed links

Some of these features — in particular the print view and the feed links — will only show up if they have also been enabled in settings.

Hope that’s helpful!