Taking over GrayBit.com

April 25, 2013

Topics: Accessibility, News, Web standards.

Mike Cherim and Jonathan Fenocchi, creators of the GrayBit service for showing a site design converted into grayscale, needed to move on. The time and expense of maintaining GrayBit was too much – and since Mike Cherim has moved out of the web development and accessibility world, it was necessary to make some changes. They recently shut down GrayBit.com, not having received any word that anybody wanted to take the site over.

I was too late to save the domain, which is now a travel magazine, but I have saved the service: GrayBit can now be found at http://gray-bit.com. I just did the move this morning, in about an hour, so there may be issues still to be seen – let me know if you encounter any problems!

For now, I’ve moved the service from being advertising supported to being donation supported; so, if you’re a supporter of GrayBit — please consider making a donation! I don’t know yet just what this service might end up costing me…

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2 Comments on “Taking over GrayBit.com”

  1. It doesn’t, no – I let it go a couple years ago. Traffic had been falling for years, and it needed to be totally rewritten to support HTTPS sites, which I didn’t really have time for. If you want access to the source code, I can probably put it up on GitHub.

  2. Hi Joe!
    Does GrayBit live on? the above “can now be found” link is giving me a 404.