Effective immediately, all licenses for WP Tweets PRO and My Calendar: Submissions, as well as my future premium plug-in projects, will be sold on new license terms. The new license terms are compatible with the General Public Licensing model (GPL (GNU General Public License)).

Until today, all licenses I sold were based on restricting the number of sites you could use the software on: either a single site license or a multi-site license. The new license removes that restriction, and allows you to use your license on any number of sites. However, under the new model, the standard license only provides one year of support and updates to the plug-in, and the developer’s license provides support and updates for the life time of the plug-in.

How to Change Your License

Right now, all prior licenses will continue to honor the terms they were purchased under. If you purchased a license expecting lifetime updates and support, you will continue to receive that. If you wish to switch to the new license, contact me and let me know.

The old “single-site license” can switch to the new “1-year updates license”; the old “multiple-site license” can switch to the permanent updates model.

You may only change your license once.