It’s a big release day for My Calendar! A simultaneous release of the next major version of My Calendar and the next major version of My Calendar Pro.

The free updates to My Calendar include major rewrites to how time & dates are stored and calculated. This will make working with time zones considerably easier, as there will always be a UTC-centered version of the date available for your events. This change, which should be largely invisible, is possibly the largest rewrite I’ve had to do in this plug-in in many years. However, the benefits should be significant.

That said, there’s a lot that can go wrong with time zones. If your event times are suddenly wrong, please let me know as soon as possible! (Realistically, I’m sure you will…)

The front-facing changes in My Calendar are all relatively minor, resolving a wide variety of minor bugs and irritations.

My Calendar Pro has much more extensive visible changes.

My Calendar Pro now supports setting public submissions form fields as required. There’s a new feature to allow event sharing between web sites using the REST (Representational State Transfer) API (Application Programming Interface), and a new notification sent when publically-submitteed events transition from draft to published.

It’s now possible to set the order of custom fields within the public submissions form, which you can see shown in the example file for My Calendar custom fields.

I added a major rewrite to the My Calendar Payments feature, preparing that feature for future expansion with additional gateways.

As always, let me know if you find bugs in these new versions!