WP to Twitter is now XPoster

Crossposted to XPosterPro.com

WP to Twitter and WP Tweets Pro are things of the past, along with their namesake, Twitter. But the site formerly known as Twitter still survives, and is gradually rebranding itself as X.com.

And so here we go. Although I didn’t intend to go this direction, the pressures of the marketplace have changed my mind: WP to Twitter is now XPoster, and WP Tweets Pro is now XPoster Pro.

But this is more than just a new brand; I’m taking this time as a significant reset. Sales are moving to a new site, and all future updates will be run through this site. I’ll be releasing a couple updates through my own site to transition: there’ll be at least two updates made available to existing license holders. However, I will be suspending all licenses for WP Tweets Pro by the end of 2023, and all new licenses will need to be purchased through XPoster.com.

No accounts have been transitioned to the new site, and they will not be moved over.


The official terminology on X.com is still very much in transition. The new term for a Tweet appears to be “Post”, which I’m reluctant to use in the plugin, since that’s going to create a ton of very ambiguous labeling. I don’t really want to be telling people that they’ve published a post of their post. So while I’ve replaced many terms, I’m still using the term ‘Tweet’.

What major changes are happening?

I’ve moved a few features from the free version of XPoster (WP to Twitter) into the Pro version. Most specifically, I’m moving all of the multi-user features into Pro. That paves the way for future changes that will make it easier to support multiple accounts.

Do I need to buy an XPoster Pro license to keep WP Tweets Pro working?

For now, probably not. I’m not changing function names, actions, or filters, due to the massive backwards compatibility headache that would be. And all of the API (Application Programming Interface) connections happen inside the free plugin, so you should be able to take advantage of support for the version 2 API within WP Tweets Pro. However, in the long term, things will start to break down as I make changes. I won’t be able to or particularly trying to ensure that old versions of WP Tweets Pro continue to be compatible with new versions of XPoster.