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New Column at Practical eCommerce: Accessibility and the Law

June 30, 2009


Topics: Accessibility, Law.

The latest in my monthly column on accessibility at Practical eCommerce magazine is now available: Web Accessibility and the Law. Although I’m not a lawyer, I do pay some attention to the nature of legal issues surrounding web accessibility. They’re murky, but this article attempts to shed some light on how the law covers accessibility issues on the internet. Hope you’re able to get some value out of the article!

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Target Lawsuit: Settlement Reached

August 27, 2008


Topics: Accessibility, Law, News.

Read more at the WebAIM blog: “Target Lawsuit Settled.” No legal definitions established today, I’m afraid to say. Although this is a victory on behalf of the claimants, who were awarded substantive damages on their claim, there was no establishment of any kind of legal precedent. This is primarily due to one singular item in the settlement: No Admission of Liability. By agreeing to and voluntarily entering into this Agreement, there is no admission or concession by Target, direct or […]

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More News on the Target Accessibility Lawsuit

October 4, 2007


Topics: Accessibility, Law, News.

For a major issue in accessibility, I have to say that this really hasn’t seen much press. Granted, major lawsuits tend to move slowly — glacially, you might say. However, given the fact that the last announcement concerning the National Federation of the Blind v. Target Corporation lawsuit was in September of 2006, you’d expect some kind of blog coverage on the latest announcement. In fact, I found it difficult to find anything about it at all, at first — […]

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Accessibility and International Law

February 15, 2007

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Topics: Accessibility, Law.

My new article at Matt Bailey’s Accessibility Blog: Web Accessibility and International Law, looking at the issues raised concerning liability of companies concerning the use of their websites outside their geographical jurisdictions. The post talks about the issues raised in the article “Computer-based exam discriminated against blind candidate” at

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Oracle being sued for inaccessible software package

February 6, 2007


Topics: Accessibility, Law.

Hat tip to Kim Krause Berg, who is in turn tipping her own hat to Rosie Sherry. Article at The Register. Although it’s interesting to see another lawsuit on the inaccessibility of a software product, this suit is fundamentally different from the Target lawsuit currently in process. That lawsuit, dealing with a commercial website’s accessibility level to the general public, has the potential to set a landmark precedent for website accessibility. No United States law currently explicitly states that a […]

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