Create posts on publishing an event to My Calendar

My Calendar, particularly as of the newly released version 2.2.8, is filled with actions and filters to add your own custom actions or alter data. These hooks are one of the things that make WordPress so much fun to program for — a few simple lines of code can make otherwise difficult things vastly easier. I’ve been asked a few times about adding an option to My Calendar to create a blog post when you publish an event. Well, I […]

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Designing Accessible Navigation

Building an accessible website is a holistic endeavor. In order to provide easy access to the information on each page, myriad factors must be considered. One of the chief amongst these is the creation of accessible navigation. Whether considering business logic or a principled perspective on web design, enabling the site user to move within your pages is of key importance. This article will describe the principles of accessible navigation and demonstrate ways to create it using CSS and XHTML. […]

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Using custom template tags with WP to Twitter

Yesterday, I received a support request asking about how somebody could parse a URL out of their post title and post that as the shortened URL attached to their Tweet. They always used the same format to add the URL — <a href="">The Title</a>. Well. Not a standard use, certainly — but it is something that you can do using WP to Twitter, with a little custom code. So this is a good time to write up the custom template […]

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My Calendar Admin Notice

Admin Notice: The showkey, shownav, showjump, and toggle shortcode attributes have been deprecated. Use above and below instead. If you’ve recently upgraded My Calendar to version 2.2.0, you may be seeing this notice at the top of your public calendar. This is because I’ve introduced a change in version 2.2.0, and although those four shortcode attributes will continue to work for now, I do intend to remove them completely down the road — so I need people to stop using […]

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Update to My Calendar: version 2.2.0

After over 3 months since my last release in the 2.1 series for My Calendar, I’m finally ready to release the next version of My Calendar. There are a lot of changes in this new version — and I think they represent some distinct improvements. The complete list of changes can be seen in the Change log. That document goes through every change of substance I made. However, some of the more key items include: Basic event search: It’s not […]

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