Accessible Video in WordPress

November 26, 2013


Topics: Accessibility, WordPress.

Accessible Video Library post creation screen

Since version 3.6, WordPress has incorporated the MediaElementJS library in core to handle the output of video files. It’s a great library — it has support for captions and subtitles; support for chapters; support for fallback formats of video; support for YouTube; keyboard support — everything you’d want to have for displaying video accessibly. That’s totally exciting! But there’s a “but”. WordPress manages media through the media manager, which doesn’t offer any way to associate caption and subtitle files with […]

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Obama’s Web Transparency: not for everybody.

May 18, 2009


Topics: Accessibility, News.

President Barack Obama’s approach to information transparency is admirable. His connection to the public through the major media channels of the digital age: the White House web site, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media methods is impressive. It’s a great way for the public to keep up to date on the activities of their government. Unfortunately, the accessibility level of these web resources is — all in all — not really up to the levels one would hope for. […]

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Don’t Rebuild the Browser: Educate The User

September 21, 2007


Topics: Accessibility, News.

Recently, I wrote a series of posts about what I choose to call pseudo-accessibility — part of which is the provision of website tools which emulate native browser functionality. The reason these tools proliferate is because of developer laziness, not because of developer interest in accessibility. For some strange reason, it’s considered more difficult to educate the user about their browser than it is to build a text-resizing widget. (Granted, text-resizing widgets aren’t exactly rocket science.) Ian Lloyd, of Accessify, […]

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Video Accessibility Problems

February 19, 2007


Topics: Accessibility, Web Development.

Article updated August 11, 2011 Updated links Added tools section Extended information about caption support Miscellaneous text edits In our Web 2.0 times it seems like video sharing has become a social media giant. I can certainly see why – it’s exciting and novel to be able to transmit these magical moving images across time and space! Well, OK…if you put it that way, it’s not all that new. It is, however, spectacularly easy to do today — and that […]

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