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November 24, 2008

Topics: WordPress.

Version 2.1.1 released.

This is primarily a release targeted at tracking down some nagging problems; but it includes the ability to disable error messages for those suffering from errors even when the plugin is correctly shortening and posting your status updates.


  • Fixed bug introduced in WordPress 2.9 where logged in users could only edit their own profiles and associated issues.
  • Fixed bug which caused #url# to repeatedly be added to the end of tweet texts on reactivation or upgrade.
  • Fixed bug which generated shortener API (Application Programming Interface) error messages when no URL (Uniform Resource Locator) shortener was used.
  • Fixed bug which prevented display of URL on edit screen if no URL shortener was used.
  • Added Spanish translation courtesy of David Gil Pérez
  • Made so many language changes that aforementioned translation is now terribly out of date, as are all others…
  • Added ability to restrict posting to certain categories.
  • Added option to dynamically generate Google Analytics campaign identifier by category, post title, author, or post id.
  • Added option to configure plugin to use other services using the Twitter-compatible API.
  • Added support for YOURLS installations as your URL shortener. (Either local or remote.)
  • Redesigned administrative interface.
  • Removed use of Snoopy and alternate HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) request methods.
  • Discontinued support for WordPress versions below version 2.7.
  • Major revisions to support checks.
  • Version jumped to 2.0.0

See the change log at WordPress.org.

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22 Comments on “WP to Twitter Update”

  1. Update to my last comment: I installed this plugin last night on my blog and it’s working just the way I want. I had hard time with Tweet Me and had left configuring it.

  2. Joe, I tried to use Tweet me, and it’s just not working for my blog. I dont know where it’s stuck but I would like to give this a try and see if it works for me.

  3. Well, that’s always been there…maybe something in the upgrade switched the setting! Not sure how that would happen, but I’m glad it’s not actually broken for you!

  4. Ah, I see there is a little check box at the side of the ‘Text for Twitter Update’ that says ‘Provide link to blog?’ Was that there with the earlier version?

    Short answer – I checked that and it works.


  5. Hi
    I upgraded to 1.3 and while the preamble wording is coming through to Twitter, the link is not. ?


  6. Thanks, David – I’ll be working on the plugin on Monday/Tuesday, and I’ll try and get that issue ironed out then!

  7. Thanks,

    Just checked, and ” Update Twitter when an old post has been edited” is unchecked.

  8. The control to disable Tweeting of edited posts should work for remote publishing – if it’s not working, I’ll fix that and release an update – let me know!

  9. Thank you Joe,

    One point, I edited the post by adding a post-script to say that remote publishing worked, and it sent the edited post to Twitter. Is there a control to prevent edited posts being sent?

    I know there is a check box that disables sending to Twitter when I am in the site and posting, but what about for remote posting?

  10. That’s great! I’m glad that everything is working as it should for you. 🙂

  11. Thanks,

    I had not enabled remote publishing. I have now and I tested it out (with a post about enabling remote publishing in this plugin) and it works.

    Many thanks


  12. @JoSe – What the plugin allows is for you to attach traffic returning to your blog from Twitter to a specific campaign in Google Analytics. It assumes you’ve already got Google Analytics installed on your blog via some other means; either a Google Analytics plugin or having added it to your blog theme.

    @David – I assume that Marsedit is using the XMLRPC publishing protocol. Have you enabled remote publishing in the plugin settings?

  13. First thing is I use it and I like it.

    Everything works OK except when I write a post with Marsedit, when it does not trigger to Twitter.


  14. Hi Joe, and how do I set the G Analytics thingy ? I mean, how do I see twitter user and cligs api, but I do not see anything related to GA tracking code.

  15. Thanks, Davecat! I hope that it keeps working — given how you described your problem, it may be a while before we really know…but keep me updated!

  16. Just upgraded to WP version 2.7 yesterday; hopefully that should address the problems I was having with your plugin. So far, so good, it seems!…

  17. Yer download button don’t seem to werk. Erg.

  18. For now, I opted for the Tic to choose what gets sent to Twitter and what doesn’t. Just in case 🙂

    Thanks for checking this out!

  19. So, indeed it’s not really a bug. Technically, it was the edits of the WP Wall page which were being sent, and that was entirely reasonable…albeit not entirely clear from the docs. I need to add some further granularity on WP Page tweeting, so that page edits can be separated from post edits.

    I don’t think there’s anything I can really do to protect against mass imports of posts, however, Christopher.

    Again, thanks!

  20. Interesting…I’ll have to look at that plugin. Depending on how the plugin works, it may not be a bug – but I’ll have to find out!

    It is an important point – people need to be aware of what their plugins are doing, and I can make it easier by mentioning this in the documentation!

    Thanks, Kim and Christopher!

  21. I agree with Christopher! By accident I tweeted a comments made from my new WP Wall plug-in. That may even be a bug 🙁 In any case, everyone MUST go and fix their settings for this as soon as they install it, rather than wait for a boo boo to happen, like I did.

    As far as install, etc. A BREEZE!!! Thank you 🙂

  22. You should also mention to people to be careful, over use of this is a sure way to tick a lot of people off. A few weeks back, I did a bulk import of posts into my web site and it sent hundreds of Twitter posts … very bad plan.