After over 3 months since my last release in the 2.1 series for My Calendar, I’m finally ready to release the next version of My Calendar. There are a lot of changes in this new version — and I think they represent some distinct improvements.

The complete list of changes can be seen in the Change log. That document goes through every change of substance I made. However, some of the more key items include:

  • Basic event search: It’s not complicated, but it sets the stage for future updates.
  • Simple integration with WP to Twitter
  • Time frame toggle: switch your view between month, week, and day view.
  • Variable recurrence schemes: No more “weekly or biweekly” — events happening every 3 weeks or every 6 months are equally supported.
  • Set the order of regions above or below the calendar: No longer just turning nav on or off; now, you can set whether nav is above or below the calendar, whether it’s before or after the jumpbox, etc.
  • aria-live support for AJAX navigation
  • Many other changes and bug fixes!

It’s been a long haul with a lot of testing, but I’m sure it’s not 100% bug free. Find something? Let me know!