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Search Marketing Standard: Print News for Online Marketing

June 11, 2007


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Well, I’ve finally managed to read the entirety of the Summer issue of Search Marketing Standard — and I must say that I found it to be a pleasant read. The articles were well-written and interesting, which certainly makes for an overall high-quality experience. If I had to say there was anything missing for me, it would be that I felt the material didn’t necessarily challenge me much. The articles didn’t make me confront new ideas about how search marketing […]

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Search Engine Optimization: An Hour A Day (Book Review)

October 9, 2006

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by Jennifer Grappone and Gradiva Couzin Purchase from Amazon (affiliate link) SEO: An Hour a Day This book, an excellent guide for the self-motivated search engine optimizer, won me over on page 54. Not that I wasn’t already convinced that Jennifer and Gradiva had a lot to say: but page 54 contained the single statement which demonstrated a perfect understanding of what it takes to understand the search marketing industry. I wonder why that’s happening. As they say, this mantra […]

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Neat New Service: DailyLit

September 28, 2006


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Not particularly on the subject of search marketing, but interesting nonetheless! DailyLit is a very simple service which allows individuals to sign up and receive serialized versions of literary classics in their email. (Literary classics in the public domain, at any rate.) It sounds intriguing – the thought of receiving Dickens in serialized format makes me feel like I’m jumping backwards in time to read Bentley’s Miscellany or some such vehicle for serialized literature. It seems like creating immediacy in […]

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Google’s News Archives Search

September 6, 2006

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It’s pretty cool. The sad thing is that I was unable to find myself in any recent news. Of course, given that it appears I was murdered in the late 19th century (according to the Olean Democrat on Tuesday, May 2, 1893,) this is hardly surprising. Moved and carried that the attorney be instructed to look after the interests of ths city as pertains to the inquest about be held to inquire into the cause of death of Joseph Dolson […]

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Jim Byrne’s “60 Hot to Touch Accessible Web Design Tips”

August 24, 2006

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Jim Byrne, the founder of the Guild of Accessible Web Designers, has recently published a collection of practical tips to help in constructing accessible web sites. If you’re confused or overwhelmed by the complexity of technical discussions on accessibility, this may be a great way into learning the basics of web accessibility. Jim’s tips, rather than focusing on the esoteric details of dealing with multiple populations, provides simple ideas with explanations why these issues are important for accessibility. You can […]

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